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Application and specification of miniature electric hoist

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Micro electric hoist is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobile, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly and high-tech industrial areas and other modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, logistics and other occasions. On the warehouse, docks, ingredients, baskets and space narrow workplace work, more able to show its excellent quality. Is the fixed pillar, wall-type crane arm of the best supporting products. Mini electric hoist beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, easy installation, low noise, the use of safe and reliable, so micro-electric is widely used in the factory workshop family stores, restaurants, shopping malls, decoration and handling and other places. Home decoration, small high-level handling and other places of lifting, because of its relatively small size, the use of the 220v voltage, making it more widely used in civilian use.
Mini-electric hoist Main specifications: H-A series of miniature electric hoist, H-K miniature electric hoist, H-G miniature electric hoist. According to your different needs of different work to buy different types of electric hoist. Micro electric hoist looks beautiful, compact, easy to install, wide adaptability, the use of single-phase power supply, the use of safe and reliable. Applicable to hardware, electrical appliances, small pieces of mechanical processing, garment factories, restaurants, shops unloading cargo, or small high-rise buildings, logging, warehouse ideal handling tools. Shenggong lifting sales for many years a variety of lifting equipment, if you have any needs, please contact us, we will be reasonable prices, quality service and adequate supply to win your trust and support.
H-A104, H-A104, H-A105, H-A106, H-A107 seven models are divided into single hook and double hook
Rated weight were (single hook / double hook): 100 / 200KG, 125 / 250KG, 200 / 400KG, 250 / 500KG, 300 / 600KG, 400 / 800KG, 500 / 1000KG;
Lifting height is (single hook / double hook): 12 / 6M;
Lifting speed is (single hook / double hook): 10/5 (m / min);
Rated voltage of 230V, 50HZ, the working coefficient of S3 20% 10MIN;
Input power are: 500W, 580W, 880W, 930W, 1352W, 1500W, 1700W;
Gross weight and net weight are: 24 / 22KG, 25 / 24KG, 33 / 25KG, 36 / 34KG, 41 / 38KG, 38 / 36KG, 40/38

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